“I love gardening, and this tool makes digging holes so efficient! I strongly recommend it” - George M., USA

Oxmight's Auger Drill Bits for Planting

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Designed to burrow into all soil types, Oxmight's Drill Bits help you dig & plant easier and faster, eliminating the pressure on your back from regular digging.

  • Dig & plant 5 times faster
  • Fits all electric or cordless drills
  • Amazing at removing weeds
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  • Premium quality tools
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

The world's quickest, most efficient way to dig & plant!

Made of heavy-duty, sturdy steel, the premium Oxmight - Auger Drill Bits help you finish all your gardening tasks up to 5 times faster than the old, basic tools.

Easy Garden Auger Drill Bit

Fast. Efficient. Easy to use.

The spiral design allows you to effortlessly dig holes into any type of earth, and take care of your garden easier & faster.
can also be used for removing weeds and aerating the compost heap!

Simplify your gardening tasks

  Plant hundreds of bulbs & all sorts of greens within minutes
  Easily dig through hard clay & compacted soil
  Pull weeds by the roots without touching them
  Save Time, Money & Energy and enjoy your garden more

Digs through any soil type

Easily burrow into compacted garden beds, solid clay, stony ground, fibrous roots (like shrubs & palms), coffee rock, shale soil, and more.

No more pressure on your back!

The Oxmight Auger Drill Bits eliminates the strain and pressure manual digging puts on your back, turning gardening into the painless & fun experience that it should be!

Fits all electric or cordless drills

Compatible with all drill brands and is designed to fit in any standard power drill whether it has a 10mm (3/8th inch) chuck or 13mm (1/2 inch) chuck.

  • Color: Glossy Black - Thick coat of paint to prevent rusting.
  • 3/8-inch non-slip hex drive
  • Voltage recommendation: 18V cordless drill

What's in the package?

1 x Oxmight Auger Bit (drill not included).

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Oxmight's Auger Drill Bits for Planting
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