Fraud & Scam Prevention

Hello, Oxmight visitors!

We put this article together to help people avoid getting scammed on the internet by (fake) companies advertising products that they never plan to deliver.

We're aware of the existence of a number of fake websites trying to impersonate us, advertising our tools (or similar ones) that they do not make - in an attempt to scam people.

There are a few ways to identify & avoid them:

- the website's filled with bad grammar
- bad quality pictures
- the website's an (almost) exact copy of another brand
- they don't reply to e-mails, messages, comments
- expensive power tools are priced attractively low

One thing we suggest our customers do if they want to shop on an online store that they're not sure of is to e-mail them and ask them for some more details about their business first. See how they react.

It's important to mention in your e-mail that if the product you're looking to purchase from them is not delivered within x-amount-of-days, then you'd be filing for a chargeback with your bank. Scammers are terrified of chargebacks because their payment processors will find them out. They'd
never want you to know about this.

Hopefully, this helps you out!

If you'd like to know a little more about us,

- We offer customer support 7 days a week. No e-mail goes unanswered, no customer is left unsatisfied
- Shipping time to USA is 7-12 business days (see more about shipping times for other countries at

- We offer tracking numbers to our customers after dispatch
- We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee which starts after you receive your order, so you have time to decide if you like it

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