Oxmight's Contour Gauge Profile Tool With Lock

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This has saved me so much time. It’s great for making exact matches to unusual edges and shapes. A must-have.” Steve J. - USA

Duplicate any shape instantly

Create an instant template for curves, odd shapes, and corners precisely and easily. Perfect for flooring, tiling, carpet fitting, molding, linoleum, ceramic measurement, woodworking, etc.

Oxmight's Contour Gauge Profile Tool With Lock

Perfect traces every time

Forget the annoying guesswork - including a sturdy locking mechanism, Oxmight’s Contour Gauge holds your traced shape securely while you transfer, meaning you can enjoy faultless measurement every time.

Copy it. Lock it. Trace it.

Simply press the Contour Gauge onto the profile you wish to copy, lock the pins in place to preserve the shape, trace the outline onto your desired material, and cut your flawless interlocking piece.

 Made from tough, durable, and rustproof ABS plastic that won't scratch the original finish of the shape being duplicated

 Comes in two sizes to fit both smaller details and bigger projects


Oxmight's Contour Gauge Profile Tool With Lock
$29.99 USD