Oxmight's Multifunctional Grafting Kit

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Clone your favorite tree infinitely

Easily combine parts of 2 different trees to form a single, functioning genetic duplicate of the superior tree.

* Includes 3 blades: V-shaped, U-shaped, and Ω-shaped

Quick and easy

Traditional grafting is difficult - especially the cutting and re-joining. Manually attempting to make the rootstock and scion stem the exact same angle for good cambium contact is almost impossible and leaves your new hybrid plant prone to death.

With Oxmight’s Grafting Kit, this is no longer an issue - the innovative grafter creates perfect interlocking cuts that will slot together perfectly, providing a stable transplant with maximum cambium contact quickly and easily.

Save time and effort

Grafted trees produce fruit quicker. A tree grown from a traditional seed may take 8-10 years to fruit, but a grafted tree only takes 2-4 years - and will continue to give the same quality fruit for generations.

Improve your harvest

A tree grown from seed may produce poor-tasting fruit, and may not yield the same fruit as the tree the seed came from (mother tree). A grafted tree will be just as good as the tree the cutting (scion) came from, allowing you to improve the taste and size of your harvest by using an already established, successful tree.

* Create an exact copy of any tree that harvests amazing fruit.

Protect your crop

Some trees end up developing more resistance to diseases and adverse conditions than other trees. This disease resistance and hardiness are transferred from the rootstock (the plant being grafted onto) to the scion (the plant being propagated), meaning you can protect your crop from vulnerabilities through grafting.

Oxmight's Multifunctional Grafting Kit
$39.99 USD